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Gamify Your eLearning

Trivia Game Opening Screen

Adding elements of gaming will help you capture your learner's attention by making your training more engaging. Gaming may be frowned upon by executives or managers as frivolous or expensive development, but when it is designed with purpose, it can be particularly effective.

Elements of a Game: Progress/Feedback, Achievement, Incentive, Tokens/Award, Time Pressure, Narrative/Storytelling, Personalization,...and more...

Impactful: Some of the reasons gaming is so effective is it directs the user to take action. Making choices can also have good or bad implications (just as in real life) only the consequences while gaming aren't severe. As the learner makes choices, they are provided feedback to cement understanding. The conditions of a game are generally intended to create a result where the learner wins.

Trivia Game Questions

Spaid eLearning Associates was recently involved in developing an interactive guide for a vacation rental property. The audience in this instance are guests of the vacation home. The training objective was to give the guests familiarity with the home itself and how to operate the various home technology (thermostat, keyless entry, appliances). The training is in the form of an interactive Rental Guide, and provides information on the property surroundings.

As a way to introduce an additional element of fun, and provide real information on the history of the location, the property owner had us develop a Trivia Game. It serves multiple purposes. A.) It excites the renter about the prospects of the things they can do, which they may otherwise not have known about. B.) It provides very real history of the area. And C.) It is a disruptive experience when compared to a typical vacation rental home experience. It achieves these purposes while also being entertaining.

Feel free to experience this simple game on your own. Folly Beach Trivia Game

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